Aura Help Center


Aura is the host application for the Aura suite of meters

Aura is an Audio Unit v3 host application that routes audio directly from the chosen input hardware to instances of the Aura Audio Unit suite. It saves and recalls meter sets, chooses input hardware, handles updates and licensing.


  • Select the input hardware from Aura > Preferences > Input
  • Select specific input channels to use in the meters
  • All of the meters will get the same set of inputs


  • The meter windows can optionally float over all other application windows. There is no need to restart Aura when this is changed.

Meter Sets

  • Your meter setup is recalled when you relaunch Aura
  • Save a meter setup to a file by selecting File > Save Meter Set As...
  • Recall a meter setup from a file by selecting File > Open Meter Set...
  • All current meters will be closed when opening a new meter set


  • Aura requires a purchased license to operate after the trial period
  • To enter your license into the app directly, select Aura > License..., and enter the Owner and the License Key from your purchase
  • If you have lost your License Key, you can get it again by sending a request to review license keys (scroll to the bottom of the page)


  • Aura has a built-in automatic updating system that helps keep you up to date with the latest versions
  • To confirm you have the latest version, select Aura > Check for Updates...
  • To configure how Aura checks for updates, select Aura > Preferences >
  • To keep up with the latest beta versions, select the Beta release channel. You can switch back to the Stable release channel anytime, but the updating system will only download the latest available version, regardless of the channel.