The premier real-time audio analysis suite
Aura combines beauty and utility, accuracy and versatility, so you can see what you can’t hear.
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The real-time metering suite that has it all
64-bit audio analysis
Conforms to all metering standards
Utilizes macOS Metal
Leverages vector processing
Full screen support
Title bar-free windows
Unmatched configurability
Unlimited concurrent meters
Meters built as v3 Audio Units
Use in Aura or your favorite DAW
Built to run indefinitely
Minimized CPU and memory use
Exquisitely Organized
Each of Aura’s meters comes packed with customizable Meter and Trace/Indicator options, allowing you to build around your workflow and metering environments.

Best of all, they’re neatly contained and visible only when you need them, meaning Aura keeps your workspace free of visual clutter and confusing menus.
Meet the Meters
  • Traces for Magnitude, Magnitude Difference, Phase Difference, and Coherence
  • Rotate to any orientation with configurable rulers on all sides
  • Multiple colored grids and overlays
  • Linear and logarithmic scales
  • Drag and droppable markers
  • Spectrums exportable as CSV or FRD files
  • VU, BBC, and LU metering modes
  • 2 simultaneous indicators and one peak LED
  • “Above” and “Below” scale indicators
  • Conforms to Program Loudness (LUFS) standards
  • Supports TruePeak measurement
  • Display peak, RMS, LU, TruePeak, AES-17, and average values
  • Completely configurable with bars, rulers, and spacers
  • Rotate to any orientation
  • Variable bar and segment sizes
  • Linear, logarithmic and classic lin/log scales
  • Traces for Levels, LU, Leq, Waveform, Spectrogram, Correlation, and Power Difference
  • All traces run against the same timeline
  • Configurable modules can hold multiple overlapping traces
  • Rotate to any orientation with configurable rulers on all sides
  • Overlays for the entire meter or single modules
  • Scroll back in time to see previous values
  • Trace history exportable as text or image
  • An open canvas for any number of traces
  • Freeform placement of other graphic elements like labels, lines, and frames
  • Over 20 presets for common measurements, including SPL, LU, THD, Pitch, and more
  • User-controllable font sizes, weights, alignments, and colors
  • Text colors can change around a single threshold
  • Displays a hardware-optimized Lissajous figure in 6 different layouts
  • User-controllable persistence
  • Distinctive and accurate crosshairs
  • Configurable grid and rulers
  • Flexible multi-axis overlay
  • Unique peak hold for all angles
Coming Soon
Oscilloscope (slated for v1.3)
...and more!
Need all the details? Check the Aura Help Center.
Buy once, and all updates are free
Aura will continue to improve existing meters and introduce new ones as they can be built, and there will never be an upgrade cost.
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Download Version --
for macOS 10.-- (--)
Purchase a License
$129 USD
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The premier real-time audio analysis suite
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